Hockey Opportunities' Pro Skill Camp is an intense full day of on and off ice hockey skill development. Our elite coaching staff will show players the skills necessary to elevate their individual games. Our staff will consist of professional, college, and prep school coaches. We will also have former NHL players and CT Yankees AAA coaches joining us. The focus of the camp will be on the 5 most important aspects of hockey.


  • Stickhandling
    Correct body, hand and stick position along with the ability to execute moves at full speed are what separates elite players.
  • Shooting & Scoring
    Wrist shots, snap shots, slap shots, backhands, and the new "hybrid wrist shot" will all be taught. Tactical scoring methods in game situations will also be addressed. Players will shoot hundreds of pucks and gain an increased level of confidence in their ability to assess all scoring situations.
  • Passing
    All aspects of catching and receiving the puck while stationary and moving will be taught.
  • Skating Extensive edge work and proper body position will be taught to increase power and stride efficiency both forwards and backwards.
  • Small Area Games
    Small area games are designed to focus on multiple skills and game like situations, increasing puck touches and situational repetition. These games promote creativity and experimentation. This type of training is commonplace in Europe which has produced an abundance of highly skilled players



  • Who: Boys & Girls Birth Years '05 - '97
  • When: Coming Soon!
  • Cost: $750 per player